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Small Learning Communities

A Small Learning Community (SLC), also referred to as a School-Within-A-School, is a form of school structure that is implemented to subdivide large school populations into smaller, autonomous groups of students and teachers.

The primary purpose of restructuring schools into SLCs is to create a more personalized learning environment to better meet the needs of students. Each community will share the same teachers and students from grade to grade. Teachers in these communities have common planning time (grade level wide) and common collaboration time (community wide) to allow them to develop interdisciplinary projects and keep up with the progress of their shared students. The ultimate goal is for each community to work together as a team to best serve individual student needs by sharing ideas and instructional strategies, communicating and collaborating more efficiently and effectively, and by providing high-quality instruction and interventions to meet the needs of all students.

Other benefits include:
Stronger student accountability and responsibility for their own learning

Students have more opportunities to develop socially and academically

Students will have a better chance of being known well by at least one adult
Better attendance
Better behavior, less discipline issues and problems

Increased teacher morale and satisfaction

Teachers can learn from and be supported by each other
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