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Dogwood Elementary

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Title 1 School » School Parental Involvement Plan

School Parental Involvement Plan

School Parental Involvement Plan
Dogwood Elementary

The school will offer opportunities for the parents to take an active role in the student’s education by offering a forum for collaboration with staff members, activities that will aid in the education of the student beyond school hours, and providing timely information about Title I programs.

The following are the primary features of a plan that will incorporate strategies for parental involvement that will contribute to shared responsibilities for high student academic achievement.

Strategies that will be utilized to promote this plan:

1) A parent involvement night will take place at the beginning of each year to inform the parents about the school’s involvement in Title I. At this time the school will distribute and/or review:
  •  The School-Parent-Student Compact

  • No Child Left Behind Complaint Procedures

  • Academic Standards

  • Opportunities to communicate with the teachers and administration to improve the academic performance of their child

2) Numerous opportunities will be provided throughout the school year to strengthen the building ties between parent and school. These will include:
  •  A Parent Advisory Committee will meet periodically throughout the school year to advise on all Title I parent involvement matters

  • Literacy and math nights where materials will be provided to assist in the education of the students

  • Suggestions from the teacher for activities/materials for parents to involve their students at home in their educational development

  • PAT (Parents as Teachers) involvement activities that will offer experiences to learn more about child development and child rearing issues

3) A survey will be distributed at the end of the year to the parents of children who received Title I services. The feedback from this instrument will allow the school to evaluate the Title I program; furthermore, the school will make changes to improve the Title I services based on the responses.

This plan will be updated on an annual basis to reflect the dynamic needs of the parents and school.